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A snapshot of my Experience and Credentials

First a public accounting auditor with Coopers & Lybrand, then an internal auditor with The Coca-Cola Company across the United States, plus Europe, Africa, and South America, I lived in Lagos, Nigeria in the mid-1990s, managing facilities and the building of the company’s new region office and expatriate housing. While there, I became a Certified Trainer (pictured here) in Finance and a Certified Train-the-Trainer in Targeted Selection® Behavioral Interviewing – my first foray into business relationship dynamics. Next was Brussels, Belgium, where I helped give birth to the second largest facility worldwide, outside of the Atlanta company headquarters, and where I gave birth to my twin girls (mostly in French).

Right after 9/11, I early retired myself and became an expat trailing spouse. We went from Belgium to Morocco, New Mexico (USA), and eventually Thailand. I was devoted to my family and tapped into my roots as a dancer and musician, running my own performing arts studio, and organizing and performing benefit concerts for women in prison, soi dog rescue, and tsunami survivors.

It was about this time my world blew up and resulted in my becoming a mediator, and I’ve never looked back.

Today, I’m all about The Mindful Strategy, which merges my Big 8 Accounting and International Fortune 100 experience with vast global life lessons.

Here’s a quick rundown of my Qualifications:

  • Master of Arts in Dispute Resolution
  • Credentialed Mediator
  • Member Texas Association of Mediators
  • Master of Science in Accounting
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Member Texas Society of CPAs
  • Board of Directors, Fulfilling the Vision

How I Work with my Clients

Hi, I’m Dana Garnett.  Small and family business owners and entrepreneurs hire me to resolve disputes that have created major riffs that threaten the viability of their business, and have the potential for financial ruin. Like partner disputes – divorces – lawsuits.

As an internal auditor with The Coca-Cola Company, I got to know every part of the business, from corporate to family-run bottlers and mom-and-pop shops literally across the globe.

My insight into small and family businesses began even before that as an auditor with Coopers & Lybrand.  I loved working with emerging small and family businesses because they are the backbone of our economy.  They need support to survive from one generation to the next.

Today, I don’t audit businesses – I assess the relationship dynamics of the business, and identify what’s at the core of the conflict so it can be resolved quickly, and with lasting change.

As a Mediator

I act as a neutral guide to a constructive resolution process in a facilitative and transformative style, where parties feel heard and that they matter.

I help parties create their own solutions for the best possible outcome. With their permission, I may offer suggestions I sense may help toward resolution, while respecting what they ultimately decide for themselves.

Though I’m a CPA, I do not practice accounting, nor do I give financial advice as this goes against mediator ethics and objectivity. I don’t do arbitration, and I am not an attorney.

As a Mediation Coach

If you have mediation scheduled, I provide you expert guidance on how mediation works, and what questions to ask your attorney or the courts in advance – so you have clarity about your upcoming mediation for your unique situation.

When applicable, I tell you how to help your attorney help you get the best outcome without unnecessary cost.

I also help you show up for mediation having already processed key obstacles you may not have seen – so you have the best chance for settlement without feeling like you lost or gave it all away.

As a Conflict Strategist

I provide swift intervention that quickly curbs and resolves serious conflict affecting your business or your life.

As prevention, I implement a conflict management system via skills training and coaching for you and your team – so conflict doesn’t disrupt or threaten your business again.

My work includes evidence-based social-emotional intelligence tools that save you dearly from unnecessary conflict escalation. Real-time resolution. For real.

On a personal note...

I’m Louisiana born and Texas-raised. As a teen I dreamed of traveling the world.

I love horses, the rain, and road trips to national parks. On weekends you’ll find me singing and coaching students in the Arts.  My cherished unplug-time is curling up with a good self-help book and a Teeccino latte.

Most of all, I love being a proud mom to my beautiful now adult daughters, and treasure every chance we have together.

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