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Find out if your business

can survive the effects of emotional storms.

Work with Dana Garnett

Mediation and
Conflict Strategy Coaching

Are you needing mediation or worried about mediation that’s coming up?

I can serve as your mediator for family and business disputes, or help you prep for mediation avoiding costly mistakes. I help parties make their own legal and financial decisions significant to their future, with the best chance of resolution.

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Conflict Facilitation

Is your organization plagued with conflict that needs intervention?

Emotional turmoil seriously impedes productivity, performance and profits. I deliver evidenced-based conflict facilitation and programs that reduce workplace stress, improve team communication and problem solving, and build a more resilient business.

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Speaking, Training, Workshops

Need a top presenter for your conference, professional development, or retreat?

I tailor my talks and workshops to your specific organizational needs. Guaranteed to engage and motivate your team or your participants with game changing strategies and stories and take-aways that up-level their business, their health, and their life.

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Results You Can Get

Everyone faces conflict. But when it’s your business, or especially your family business, serious conflict can cause financial ruin and sadly, perpetual breakdown of relationships. I help you get to the heart of the conflict quickly so you can resolve differences, repair and restore relationships, and save your business for generations to come.

Conflict Resolution

When you work with your family, or you’re so close it feels like family, it can be hard to separate your business from your personal life. This can create unnecessary and destructive conflict. I help you find resolution in real time so you can be done with the drama, and the trauma, and the stress for good.

Business Protection

When your business is in serious crisis, that strife can threaten your business’s bottom line, or even it’s existence. Just like you need insurance against theft, liability, and disasters of mother nature, your business also needs protection from human nature. I help provide that protection for your business and your legacy.

Customized Solutions

When you’re overwhelmed with problems that could break the bank or take your business under, and there seems to be no solution in sight, you need outside professional help. As a mediator and expert in conflict management, I help you get concrete resolution to your unique situation with lasting effect, while preserving key relationships.

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Hi! I'm Dana!

I’m a credentialed mediator committed to helping you get swift resolve to any conflict without sacrificing your sanity, health or finances.

After going through a horrific divorce, I was left feeling humiliated, bullied and completely lost.

No one should have to suffer the way I did.

Within 18 months of my decree, I recovered through experiencing posttraumatic growth you can Google it, it’s a thing.  And I experienced tragic optimism – a passion for wanting to help others not suffer like I had because I’d figured out how to survive.

At the same, I figured out how to handle whatever life throws me and not let conflict or triggers upend my life anymore.

Today, I’m passionate about helping people who are in serious conflict make legal and financial decisions significant to their future from a place of alignment and empowerment.

And, I especially love witnessing the huge relief they feel when the conflict’s finally over.

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Here’s What My Clients Have to Say

“Working with Dana has changed my view of communication in conflict. As a result of her expertise, I've gained the confidence to engage in conflict resolution practices that increase the likelihood of a resolution while each party maintains dignity. I highly recommend consulting with Dana before engaging in emotionally-charged or any high-stakes conversation.”

Case WorkerSocial Services

“Dana’s background as a mediator and her intuitive nature make her an excellent teacher and our people responded with appreciation, easily absorbing the principles and practices she presented. I have benefited personally and have integrated many of the beneficial lessons from her programs into my habits and routines. Thank you, Dana!”

CEODrilling Equipment Manufacturer

“Working with Dana is not a quick fix, it's life changing, practicing positive purpose. We go through our daily routines forgetting what we take for granted. I started this journey thinking it was about my marriage. It has been a journey of daily recognition of how I let things impact my life. I am leading a happier life with the tools that Dana reminded me I had inside.”

Project CoordinatorArts, Entertainment & Recreation

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